wir sind fünf freunde. wir laden zwei kleine autos voll mit rucksäcken, regenjacken, wanderschuhen, bananen, nudeln, bier, einer gitarre und zwei krücken. wir fahren von nürnberg nach eben am achensee und ziehen in ein altes haus mit dunkelbraunen fliesen und plüschtapete im schlafzimmer. wir mieten uns ein tretboot, fahren auf den see hinaus und springen nackt ins eiskalte wasser. wir kochen und essen zusammen und quetschen uns alle in ein bett. wir hören musik und lesen und trinken zusammen. die wanderschuhe lassen wir im auto.

we are five friends. we load two small cars up with backpacks, rain jackets, trekking shoes, bananas, pasta, beer, a guitar and two crutches. we drive from nuremberg to eben am achensee and move in an old house with dark brown tiles and plush wallpaper in the bedroom. we rent a pedal boat, go out to the middle of the lake and jump naked into the icy cold water. we cook and eat together and squeeze ourselves in one bed. we listen to music and read and drink together. we leave the trekking shoes in the car.


i need some summer sun to come and wake me up

yup, here i am again. can't believe it's already july, just two more weeks until summer break. so i'll be posting more often then, promise ;)
these are pictures from fusion festival last weekend. it was  m a g i c a l . i want to stay there forever.


there's an elegant land in the darkness

this is what I did recently. I'm still busy editing all the pictures from my trip through america [the disadvantages of shooting film] and doing a shitload of other stuff, so I'm showing you these instead. also I wanted to apologize for not answering on comments lately, I promise I'll take time and do it again ;-)

thanks to beautiful kristin, who modeled for me