i need some summer sun to come and wake me up

yup, here i am again. can't believe it's already july, just two more weeks until summer break. so i'll be posting more often then, promise ;)
these are pictures from fusion festival last weekend. it was  m a g i c a l . i want to stay there forever.


there's an elegant land in the darkness

this is what I did recently. I'm still busy editing all the pictures from my trip through america [the disadvantages of shooting film] and doing a shitload of other stuff, so I'm showing you these instead. also I wanted to apologize for not answering on comments lately, I promise I'll take time and do it again ;-)

thanks to beautiful kristin, who modeled for me


man hätte es schon fast nicht mehr für möglich gehalten, aber ich bin wieder da! und ihr lieben leser auch noch, das freut mich sehr. ich bin momentan dabei, sämtliche negative meines roadtrips zu scannen und zu bearbeiten, deshalb hab ich als kleinen vorgeschmack erstmal ein video gebastelt. bald gibts hier wieder viel zu sehen und ein gewinnspiel hab ich auch geplant, jaha! (:

I'm baaaack! and you lovely readers are still here, that's awesome. at the moment I'm scanning and editing all the negatives from my roadtrip, so here's a little video I made as well. I'll post pictures very soon and there will be a give-away too, so stay tuned! (: