dear new york city,

i will not say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.
(peter pan)

i can not tell how thankful i am. for the great time i had and for all the lovely people that treated me so well. i will miss this all so so much. i will miss my internship, my lap-cat strangecuts, calling the friendly netgear customer service and ordering food from spice. i will miss our big ball-keychains, errand runs to the dollar store where nobody actually speaks english and i will miss chinatown. really.
i will miss my south-4-roommates and getting drunk on a sunday evening, mouse-hunting and late-night-talks with our landlady on the stairway. i will miss williamsburg so much, i will miss the woods and union pool and strong coffees from konditori that would keep me awake for two days. i will miss tofu-cream-cheese-bagels and fancy organic foodmarkets and artists & fleas. i will miss the waterfront, strolling through the streets always finding something nice and daily walks over the williamsburg bridge.
i will miss the smell of hot dog stands, the sound of manhattan and occasional city escapes to rockaway beach and the sunny weather. i will miss that almost everything's open 24/7, i will miss deli stores and b&h and the friendly staff at lusterphoto, who processed and scanned my negatives so well. i will miss the laundromat on lorimer street and spending nights there eating popcorn, reading books and waiting for my clothes to dry.

but i gotta keep going. i'm gonna fly to seattle in a few hours, rent a car and drive all the way down to california... just me and my camera, for one month. it won't be easy, but i'm super excited.

you probably won't hear anything from me until i'm back in germany by the beginning of march, though i'll try to keep my instagram updated. (:


  1. & we will miss you (:
    Have fun!

  2. Nah, ich wünschte, ich wär mit dir dabei. Aber bis dahin noch viel Spaß, bin schon gespannt, was du uns noch alles erzählen wirst. :)
    x, Quynh.

  3. sounds very, ver exciting :) Have fun!

  4. danke, aber ich glaube, wir haben sowieso Stehplätze, da sollte sich das dann erledigen. Und wenn trotzdem ein Pärchen vor mir ist, tja, dann drängle ich mich halt nach vorne :D

    werde ihn mir mal bei Gelegenheit ansehen, die Zusammenfassung klingt jedenfalls vielversprechend, danke :)

  5. Bin irgendiwe neidisch auf die, die schon mal in NY waren bzw. sind! :o
    Ich kann dir auch nur sagen, dass du es genießen und ejden Moment auskosten musst. :)

    Wundervolle Bilder, auch bei den letzten Posts! :)


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